Vatican Shadow Announces 'Remember Your Black Day' Album

Vatican Shadow Announces 'Remember Your Black Day' Album
Dominick Fernow, the noise-mongering electronic musician best known for work in Prurient and Cold Cave, has been slowly amassing a discography of cassette and vinyl releases from his Vatican Shadow project over the years. Now, he's announced another full-length.

The new record is called Remember Your Black Day, and a press release suggests its Fernow's first "proper" full-length as Vatican Shadow. The album is described as "an evolutionary shift away from the complex, collage-based narrative of those cassette releases into more visibly direct contact with the listener."

Fernow's own Hospital Productions imprint will issue the album on October 21. The record will be followed up with an EP of supplementary material called When You Are Crawling later this year.

Remember Your Black Day:

1. Circumstances Quickly Became Questioned
2. Tonight Saddam Walks Amidst Ruins
3. Muscle Hijacker Tribal Affiliation
4. Contractor Corpses Hung Over The Euphrates River
5. Enter Paradise
6. Remember Your Black Day
7. Not The Son Of Desert Storm, But The Child Of Chechnya
8. Jet Fumes Above The Reflecting Pool