Third Man and LITA Join Forces to Bring Vinyl to the Kids via New Comp and Portable Turntable

Third Man and LITA Join Forces to Bring Vinyl to the Kids via New Comp and Portable Turntable
Light in the Attic Records and Jack White's Third Man enterprise are teaming up for the kids, literally. The labels have announced an upcoming project titled This Record Belongs To ___, which includes a children's record, a signature turntable and a colouring book. It arrives November 6.

A press release describes how the project's intentions are to unite parents and children via "the interactive experience of holding an album in your hands, putting needle to groove, and immersing yourself in the pages of a record's sleeve as the music plays." Inspiration was taken from the Little Golden Books Series, as well as Sesame Street's series of children's LPs.

The compilation was curated by Zach Cowie, who has filled the 16-song set with material from children's author Shel Silverstein, Nina Simone, Harry Nilsson, Woody Guthrie, Carole King, the Pointer Sisters, Van Dyke Parks, Vashti Bunyan, Donovan and more. Some tracks were pulled from Sesame Street, while others come from films including Disney's Robin Hood and Nilsson's '70s cult kids flick The Point. It caps with Kermit the Frog's classic Muppet Movie ballad "Rainbow Connection" (originally written by Daft Punk collaborator Paul Williams and Kenneth Ascher). 

The first side of the record was made "for daytime dancin'," while the flip is full of "bedtime lullabies." You'll find a full tracklisting down below.

The record also comes with an illustrated coloring book, featuring artwork from Jess Rotter. The book's narrative follows "five forest pals" who have discovered an odd-looking black platter. Spoiler alert: it's a record, and the crew are said to "learn how to play a record and let their bodies move to the groove (within the grooves)."

With similar goals to get kids into spinning vinyl, Third Man has crafted an old-school suitcase record player to go along with the collection. The compact, portable player was made by Jensen and features a belt drive, two built-in speakers, a USB drive, and software for transferring vinyl into digital files, stickers and more.

Pre-order information can be found here.

This Record Belongs To ___:

1. Shel Silverstein - "Invitation"
2. Van Dyke Parks - "Occapella"
3. Carole King - "One Was Johnny"
4. Harry Nilsson - "The Town"
5. Harry Nilsson - "Me And My Arow"
6. The Pointer Sisters - "Pinball Number Count"
7. Woody Guthrie - "Dance Around"
8. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman - "Jenny Jenkins"
9. Roger Miller - "Oo-De-Lally"
10. Bobby Bare - "Daddy What If"
11. Ella Jenkins - "Pretty Trees Around The World"
12. Nina Simone - "You Can Sing A Rainbow"
13. Vashti Bunyan - "Diamond Day"
14. Donovan - "The Mandolin Man And His Secret"
15. Miss Abrams & The Strawberry Point 4th Grade Class - "Running In The Garden"
16. Kermit The Frog - "Rainbow Connection"