Rapport River & Sky, Field ON, July 19

Rapport River & Sky, Field ON, July 19
Photo: Stephen McGill
Rapport's mashup of '60s pop and '80s new wave was a perfect fit for River & Sky's beach stage — literally a gazebo in the middle of the beach. Co-fronted by longtime Toronto scenesters Maddy Wilde (Moon King, Spiral Beach) and Kurt Marble, the band personified the sunny beach vibes in every song.
Kicking off with 2018 single "Unconscious," their formula seemed pretty clear: Wilde would bring the dreamy pop sounds, while Marble was more fond of the beefy synths and choppy beats of new wave. But it was the moments when they transcended the binary that really took the set to the next level, like when Marble (handling bass duties for most of the set) took the six-stringer over from Wilde to let out a fuzzy, ripping guitar solo.
The band have synthesized their interests and influences into an engaging, upbeat package, and sound great whether you're going for a dip in the water or braving the heat on the shore.