The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: Band Merch

The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: Band Merch
The holiday season is upon us, but before you rush off to the mall to brave the hordes, make sure to check out Exclaim!'s Holiday Gift Guide, which we will be rolling out in daily instalments this week, to ensure you're buying the perfect present for your favourite music fan.

The Exclaim! Holiday Gift Guide: Band Merch:

Ghost B.C.'s Ghost Phallos Mortuus Ritual Box Set (Pictured Above)

A lot of people like Ghost B.C. (just Ghost outside North America), but this one is for fans that really like the Swedish ghoul-rockers; like, more than a friend like them. The set includes a black dildo moulded with frontman Papa Emeritus II's visage, a silver butt-plug and a T-shirt for good measure. It all comes conveniently packaged in a Bible-shaped box lined with crushed velvet, because, God knows, you can't be too careful with satanic sex toys.

Metallica Christmas Sweaters

While they have made plenty of dodgy decisions over the past couple of decades, Metallica (thankfully) never recorded a Christmas album. (Looking at you, Bad Religion.) But that's not stopping them from cashing in on the ugly Christmas sweater craze. The band have issued a pair of yuletide sartorial selections, one bearing the band's Load-era logo, the other an interpolation of their classic Master of Puppets album cover.

Shredders Knit Apparel have similar seasonal wear with generic metal imagery. If sweaters aren't your bag, Metallica are also offering a branded icepack to soothe all those bruises you got in the mosh pit. Finally, even the crustiest of metal-heads has to bathe at some point. To help ease the shock, Bath Sabbath offers a line of metal-themed bath products, including beard oils and studded bars of soap.

Rock'n'Roll Tea Bag Holders

Amy Winehouse did it. So did Sid Vicious and Freddie Mercury. Keith Richards is still doing it. (At least we're assuming so 'cause they're all British.) A cup of tea may not be the most rock'n'roll of drinks, but it's been a staple for the stars for decades. Now you can give teatime a little more edge with these loose tea and tea bag holders. Elvis, Michael and Jimi and John are all represented, holding on for dear life so you can enjoy a decent cup of English Breakfast.

МИШКА X Dinosaur Jr. Capsule Collection

If you've seen images of Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis in recent years, you've no doubt noticed a newfound affinity for colourful baseball hats that feature a bloodshot eyeball crest. Those hats come courtesy of Brooklyn company МИШКА [Mishka]. While Dino Jr. were never known as a terribly fashionable group (some would go so far as to call them "anti-fashion"), their classic 1988 album Bug has nevertheless inspired a line of clothing from the company, including baseball hats, toques, four different graphic tees and a varsity jacket which we can only assume is include to reaffirm the band's college rock roots.

Tenacious D Cum Rag

When your no-name cum rag just won't cut it, Tenacious D's branded number is there to save the day.