Beyoncé "Yours and Mine" (short film)

Beyoncé 'Yours and Mine' (short film)
Queen Bey has unveiled a new artsy, black and white short film called "Yours and Mine," commemorating the time she's had since dropping a surprise album around this time last year.

In it, we see Beyoncé reflecting on the pitfalls of fame and pining to be "just like everyone else." But despite giving up her anonymity and becoming what she refers to as a piece of public property, Bey remains strong and fierce.

She also gets sentimental about her past, sharing the perks of fame with loved ones and her body. The clip clocks in at 11 and a half minutes and is soundtracked by songs from last year's surprise album. Beyoncé was recently treated to a deluxe re-release.

Watch "Yours and Mine" below.